HD Music Videos

Film in the most beautiful studio you have ever seen.
Studio quality microphones will make you sound your best.
Work with a performing songwriter who understands that the Song is more important that all the “movie magic” effects.
Your viewers will have a front row seat experience they will love and share.
Add footage of you with a unique gypsy wagon for some Old World charm.
Get your finished file the same day.

Gypsy Wagon Studios Price List

2-song music video: $260
(This includes some B-roll footage outside the Gypsy Wagon Studio as well as a full song recorded inside the Gypsy Wagon Studio for each song. Audio sweetening and film editing is included in this price.)
Any overdubbing audio to your track for more instruments is $30/hour.

Lip syncing songs in additional locations to include in your music video is $40/hour.
CD project recording is $50/hour for a reasonable block of project time.
For artist interviews on KC Cafe Radio with two songs; $40. 

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